Create the Perfect Calendar for Any Occasion with Minuteman Press in Fayetteville, NC

At Minuteman Press of Fayetteville, NC, we understand the power of a well-designed promotional calendar. It’s not just a tool for tracking dates; it’s a year-round marketing powerhouse that keeps your brand front and center. Whether you’re looking for personalized wall calendars or magnet calendars for 2024, our custom calendar printing service will help you create the perfect calendar for any occasion. Our wall calendar options are not only functional but also visually appealing, making them a great addition to any space. In addition, our calendar magnets are a fantastic way to keep your brand in plain sight, providing valuable information and a marketing presence that lasts throughout the year. Trust Minuteman Press for all your calendar needs and elevate your brand visibility in 2024.

Informational Calendars:

Do more than just display dates. Informational calendars are designed to provide valuable information to your clients or customers. Include local events, important dates, or industry-specific facts to add value and relevance to your promotional tool.

Desk Calendar:

Placed prominently in the office or at home, your desk calendar becomes a constant reminder of your brand. Every time it’s used, your business is front and center.

Personalized Calendars:

Create a unique and eye-catching calendar that reflects your brand’s personality. Whether you want a sleek and professional look or something more fun and creative, our personalized calendars have you covered.

Wall Calendar 2024:

These are more than just decorative pieces. They are functional, informative, and guaranteed to be in plain sight throughout the year. Customize them with your brand’s logo, contact details, and any other essential information.

Why Choose Minuteman Press
for Your Custom Calendar Needs?

Brand Visibility with custom calendar

Brand Visibility

With a custom calendar, your brand is on display 365 days a year, right on your customer’s fridge or filing cabinet.

Unbeatable Quality and Value

Quality You Can Trust

Our state-of-the-art printing ensures that your calendar is visually appealing and long-lasting.

Customer Service

Our commitment begins with actively listening to our clients’ needs, ensuring their projects receive the utmost attention to detail and personalized care.

Year-Round Exposure

A branded calendar is one of the most practical and effective printed promotional products. It’s a daily companion for your customers, whether it’s on their wall or desk. Your company’s name will be in their line of sight for an entire year, serving as a constant reminder of your brand. It’s like 365 days of advertising, 24/7.

custom printed business calendar

Stay Organized, Stay Exposed

Calendars help your clients stay organized and plan events. From important meetings to family gatherings, your calendar will be there, making sure they never miss a beat. But it doesn’t stop there. Your brand’s message, logo, and contact information are right there too, ensuring that your business remains top-of-mind.

Seasonal Specials and Promotions

Custom calendars offer the flexibility to showcase seasonal specials and promotions. Highlight key dates, offer exclusive discounts, and tailor your calendar to align with your marketing strategy. It’s a year-long opportunity to engage your audience and drive sales.

custom calendar

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to harness the year-round marketing potential of custom calendars? Request a quote today, and let us help you create the perfect promotional calendar for your business. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring the job is done right and your brand gets the exposure it deserves.

Services We Provide

Logo Design

Logo Design

Let Minuteman Press help you create impactful business Logo that convey your brand’s message with our custom graphic design.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Our professional designs and eye-catching graphics are guaranteed to showcase your business and services. 

Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wrap

Our design studio specializes in creative, high-quality graphics can turn your business vehicle into marketing on wheels.

Web Design

Web Design

We have been in the business for 25 years and are proud to offer our clients a comprehensive website design services for businesses of all sizes.

Custom Apparel


Minuteman Press can help you customize your apparel and promote your business from polos, hats, hoodies, t-shirts, and more.

Signage Service


We can help you create impactful business signs that convey your brand’s message. Minuteman Press has the knowledge, skill and technology you require for custom signs, banners, wall murals and more

Minuteman Press Custom Calendar Printing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a custom promotional business calendar?
A custom promotional business calendar is a personalized calendar featuring your business’s branding, products, and services. It’s used as a marketing tool to promote your company throughout the year.
How can a custom promotional calendar benefit my business?
Custom promotional calendars offer year-round exposure for your brand, helping you stay top-of-mind with clients. They also provide a practical tool for your clients to organize their schedules while promoting your business.
Can I include my business logo and contact information on the calendar?
Yes, you can personalize the calendar with your company’s logo, contact details, and branding. It’s a powerful way to reinforce your brand identity..
Are there different styles and sizes available for promotional calendars?
Yes, you can choose from various styles, including wall calendars, desk calendars, and pocket calendars, and select the size that best suits your marketing strategy.
Can I include special promotions or events on the calendar?
Absolutely! You can highlight special promotions, product launches, and key events throughout the year, making the calendar a marketing tool in itself.
How can I request a quote for my custom calendar project?
Simply contact us through our website or get in touch with our customer service team. We’ll be happy to provide you with a customized quote based on your specifications.

Still have questions or ready to get started with your custom calendar project?

Contact Minuteman Press today, and we’ll be happy to assist you.